Precongress course 3

  • Dental Spaghetti.03 - Direct Composite & Simple Steps

    • 12 April 2024
    • 1200 PLN
    • Hotel Park Inn Krakow
    • Available seats: 20
    • room Beta 2
    • Organizing Committee:  Dr n. med. Maciej Żarow
    ON-LINE APPLICATION Conditions of participation
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      Friday 12.04.2024
      Hotel Park Inn Krakow
      • 09:00 - 13:00

        How to make direct restoration invisible? Simple Tips and Tricks to transfer your dental practice into efficient one.

        This course will address the essential elements required to provide an aesthetic and functional outcome with direct procedures and techniques for the aesthetic composite restorations including direct veneers.

        Theoric part will be focused on:

        • Aesthetic concepts;
        • Macro and micro esthetic parameters;
        • Anterior Tooth Morphology;
        • Optical properties of natural teeth;
        • Understanding color; Determination of Hue, Chroma, Valeu con- cepts;
        • Analyzing Tooth Color map; Opalesence, incised halo, characteri- zations;
        • Material Selection Criteria;
        • Shade selection; guidelines for perfect color matching, customi- sed- personalized shade guides, button try techniques;
        • Adhesive Bonding strategies;
        • Layering techniques; monochromatic layering, anatomic layering, polychromatic layering.

        Hands-on Course - optimizing anterior composite restorations:

        • Rubber Dam Isolation;
        • Preparation - minimal invasive preps-bevels (veneers-diastemas-in- sical fractures);
        • Color selection;
        • Silicon index technique;
        • Matrix systems; anatomic contoured, sectional matrices
        • Creating the approximal and cervical borders;
        • Anterior layering techniques; monochromatic& polichromatic layering
        • Step by step finishing and polishing protocol;
        • Refining anatomy;
        • Primary anatomy; creating the facets and line angles Secondary anatomy; surface characteristics;
        • Tertiary anatomy
        • Fine Polishing.