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  • Dental Spaghetti.01 - Ortho & Restorative

    • 12 April 2024
    • 770 PLN
    • Hotel Park Inn Krakow
    • Available seats: 20
    • room Epsilon
    • Organizing Committee:  Dr n. med. Maciej Żarow
    ON-LINE APPLICATION Conditions of participation
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      Friday 12.04.2024
      Hotel Park Inn Krakow
      • 09:00 - 13:00
        Hotel Park Inn Krakow

        Innovations and Technology in Resto-Orthodontic Treatment Planning - Tools for Communication.

        Join us in discovering the benefits that happens when restorative and orthodontic digital worlds come together. We'll delve into the game-changing potential of advanced technologies, emphasizing the beautiful dance between orthodontics and restorative procedures. This talk isn't just about tech; it's about crafting a digital synergy that transforms patient experiences and redefines the art of modern dental care.
        Learn how the integration of 3D printing takes this synergy to new heights, enabling precise and less invasive solutions. Explore the transformative power of digital dentistry in crafting personalized treatment plans, ultimately redefining the art of modern dental care with a focus on the minimally invasive approaches.