Will Dentists be replaced by ROBOTS?
Our DENTAL SPAGHETTI Congress for the 17th time!


This time it was a journey to the future!

Will dentists be replaced by robots? Will the machines guide our hands while drilling in the teeth? Or maybe they will take matters into their own hands ... Is the quality of CAD / CAM machines keeping up with dental techniques? Will the mobile phone be able to document the clinical work of the dentists? To plan a patient's smile? Or become an interdisciplinary communication center?

And will the profession of dental technician go down in history and the machines will cope with the performance of the most aesthetic veneers?

This was discussed on March 10 in Krakow during the 17th International Congress of Dental Spaghetti organized, as every year by Dr med. Maciej Żarow, the Dentist Clinic team and Targi w Krakowie Ltd.

Already on Friday in the Pod Różą Hotel there was an Honorary Session, which gathered 70 opinion leaders from Poland and abroad. Evening readings in the candlelight of Pod Różą cellars were the work of: dr hab. n. med. Piotr Skarżyński from the Center of Speech and Hearing (Nadarzyn, Warsaw) and Dr. David Gonzalez (Spain). The first speaker talked about TELEMEDICINE, thanks to which the laryngology has jumped to the world level even in the farthest corners of the Africa, and the second - with controlled and digitally planned implantology, which can minimize the risk for the patient and rebuild the lost bone.

Earlier, also on Friday, three practical courses were held at the Park Inn Hotel, which brought together several dozens of dentists from all over Poland who were eager to exercise new techniques of tooth reconstruction.

The Main Session of the Congress was hosted in the hall of the Mangha Japanese Culture Center. Six lectures were heard by over 250 people, and among the guests there were also dentists from other countries such as: Saudi Arabia, Italy, Canada, Hungary, Croatia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine.

The cosmic world of digital dentistry was presented. Many new or improved applications of innovative CAD CAM systems were presented that allow for quick and precise implementation of dental reconstructions without the help of a laboratory and dental technicians. During lectures and practical courses one could get inspiration and clinical guidance from some of the best practitioners in the world.

Conclusions? No dentist should disregard the progress in the digitization of medicine. The profession of technician may not go to the history just yet, but to remain competitive the technician must use the progress of digitization and be aware of new devices such as scanners or milling machines. Dentists can, and even should, plan digitally based on photos and computer simulations, use the possibility of sending universal information in files and thus consult interdisciplinary throughout the world. Digital planning has entered aesthetic dentistry, endodontics and implantology. Documentation, creating preliminary visualizations in dentistry are possible to carry out using small devices connected to mobile phones.

More and more dental clinics are choosing to replace technicians with CAD / CAM machines. Will they get the same quality as a human hand? With the proper training of working with the "mouse" and the keyboard, they slowly get a decent quality of lateral reconstruction... the quality in the front section is certainly still better in the hands of a talented technician. But how long? The progress of technology is really very dynamic.

Will dentists replace machines? Probably not yet... but we should expect a flood of new technologies and devices that will make the work of the dentist even more accurate and predictable, and thanks to that the patient will soon obtain reconstructions of teeth that will serve him longer and better!

Tradition based on facts or new technologies? After Dental Spaghetti, no one else has any doubts. The path of practice development based on the most advanced digital dentistry leads to success. Next year Dental Spaghetti will come of age. What will be surprising this time? Menu of one of the best dental feasts in preparation...




ATTENTION! DENTAL SPAGHETTI date in 2019: 13th April 2019