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Dear colleagues,

We have invited you to the Dental Spaghetti Congress that accompanies the KRAKDENT Dental Trade Fair for 19 years now.

For me, personally, the congress is a source of inspiration. It has encouraged me to always move forward, catch on to new trends, learn from the best and meet new mentors...Mentors who inspire and inject me with the ADRENALINE that will keep me going for another year!!! I'm sure this has been the experience of an entire generation of young dentists today.

Dental Spaghetti has already become a permanent fixture of Central European dentistry and still keeps growing...This year, we have a real BOMBSHELL in store for you!!!

Thanks to our cooperation with Style Italiano, the largest social media dentist group in the world, this year's Dental Spaghetti will be held in conjunction with the Style Italiano World Congress. The agenda will be truly EXCEPTIONAL, including a strong Polish presence, as well as the very LEGENDS OF WORLD DENTISTRY!!!!

One such legend is doctor Ignazio Loy, creator of the BOP technique, an absolute game changer in global minimally invasive restorative dentistry in recent years.

We have also made sure to treat you to a dose of interdisciplinary dentistry and invited the household names of Style Italiano, not only from Italy, but from all over the world.

To show off Polish dentistry to the world, on the other hand, we have invited globally recognized Polish experts to teach special seminars on Friday.

Overall, this year will give you countless opportunities to learn. You can choose your own package, including one of the 12 Friday seminars/courses and the Saturday congress!!!

We have also invited two of the best European dental technicians, Oliver Brix and Vincenzo Musella, to join us, so bring your dental technician colleagues along: a special afternoon session in the neighbouring congress room is especially designed for them!

And what about Saturday night? On Saturday, join us for the DENTAL SPAGHETTI CRAZY PARTY!!! Want to talk to STYLE ITALIANO creators over a glass of good whiskey? You can do so on the 14th of March after the Dental Spaghetti.