Pre-congress course 1 | Javier Tapia-Guadix

  • Full day practical course for dentists

    • 31 March 2023
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    • Hotel Park Inn Krakow
    • available seats: 18
    • Organizing Committee:  Dr n. med. Maciej Żarow
    • Sponsor: GC EUROPE.png

      Friday 31.03.2023
      Hotel Park Inn Krakow
      • 09:30 - 17:00
        room Beta 1

        Direct simplified posteriors: occlusion, contact point management, direct cusp coverage & modelling - Can we predict the anatomy in the correct occlusion and function?

        Theoretical program:

        Simplified isolation:
        - Rubber dam selection,
        - Clamp selection,
        - Isolation steps,
        - Rubber dam inversion,
        - Floss ligatures.

        Simplified preparation:
        - Fluorescence aided caries excavation,
        - Preparation criteria,
        - Tissue conditioning and cleaning,
        - Remnant structure evaluation.

        Simplified bonding:
        - Bonding techniques: from total etch to self-etch, 
        - Enamel bonding and dentin bonding,
        - Strategies for achieving optimal bonding performance,
        - One step bondin g vs two step bonding systems.

        Simplified materials for systematic workflow:
        without compromise:
        - G-ænial A’CHORD: simplicity and aesthetics without compromise,
        - Gaenial Injectable high filled flowable composite, strong as paste,
        - EverX Flow: fibre-reinforced high filled flowable for easy and effective dentin replacement.

        Practical program:

        1. Class I restoration Upper & Lower - occlusion check.
        2. Class II restoration Contact point management.
        3. Hands-on workshop with explained step by step and practical demo.
        4. Direct Cusp Covarage: Re-building the anatomy in a predictable way.